We offer the finest custom boxes & packaging solutions for your industry and product particular requirements. Our packaging experts provide custom printed boxes and packaging for companies that suit the unique requirements of industry and product. 

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Our mission is to enable you to find the right packaging solutions with custom printed boxes that meet your industry and product specifications. As our packaging company is dedicated to the latest packaging trends, we have the privilege of serving all of the hot new products.


Our dedicated staff makes it easy for you to create a unique design that will impress your clients and make you stand out from the crowd.


ECB is an award-winning custom boxes manufacturer that provides the best product packaging solutions. We are based in the USA. And serve our clients worldwide, offering a wide range of box printing services.

For over ten years, we have been providing top-quality products to businesses worldwide. Our printing service offers infinite box customization options, and our manufacturing service allows our clients to create designer boxes with unique finishes.

Custom Boxes with Logo at Best Price

Some of our readers might wonder why we should opt for custom boxes with logo packaging. The reason is quite simple. Today we cannot even imagine a packaging solution without company branding.

Your logo is the doorway to that world of branding. Let us explain how Elite Custom Boxes play a vital role in all scenarios without putting a dent in your wallet.

First of all, we furnish you with boxes that fulfill your business needs and the specific industry requirements. A logo with your company branding information is not as easy to design as it sounds.

Whether you order custom boxes or any other box, there are many factors involved in it. Our team of highly dedicated packaging experts and manufacturers knows how to deal with custom boxes at an individual level.

From stock and material choice to the final layout and design, we have a full protocol that we follow for each order. For instance, placing an order for cosmetic boxes starts with proper discussion and brainstorming with our experts. Every business and niche has its requirements for branding.

Before telling you about our top-notch custom boxes printing services at wholesale and retail, we would like to brief you further about personalization. Here is how we deal with it at the Elite Custom Boxes without exceeding your spending plan.

Role of Personalized Boxes in Business Success

The role of personalized boxes in any packaging business’ success is not hidden from anyone. We all know that the time is gone when simple gray or plain boxes ruled this industry. Now custom boxes at wholesale have become an integral part of the products and their sales promotion.

At ECB, we pay special focus to personalization, and our whole emphasis is on making it more successful for you. For our experts, custom boxes packaging service is directly related to branding. That is the reason we have a whole dedicated department for that purpose. We can even customize kraft boxes for your convenience..

We consider it according to your business needs when you come to us with a custom printed boxes order. Our team will discuss with you your budget plan and guide you in the best possible way. Our complete dedication will be to the point that your budget is saved for each lot of custom boxes.

Despite all that calculation, we would never like to compromise on quality. No doubt our price plans for all the custom boxes at wholesale are lower than our competitors. Yet we would never let it sacrifice the top-notch quality you have in mind. That is how we justify the role of our personalization services in your business’s success.

Smart Packaging with Our Dedicated Box Manufacturers

The age we are living in revolves around smart custom packaging solutions by custom box manufacturers. At ECB, we are lucky enough to have a whole dedicated team of manufacturing experts.

As mentioned, we not just focus on cardboard boxes but smart work. We have a whole new lot of customized designs and templates at your disposal for that purpose. All these mockups and layouts make your choice and task easier. 

You just have to choose the design, and with a few clicks, you will get it in a final shape. All the credit goes to our dedicated and seasoned box manufacturers. For example, if you want perfectly designed custom mailer boxes or any other box style, our experts would try to deliver the best possible top-notch results.

All that smart work leads to a perfect custom packaging design that will make your branding and customization journey easier. Our team will be ready to assist and guide you with full zeal and concentration where you need any support.

Another aspect of our smart customized packaging plan is to deliver fast with the promised quality. We have a fully trained team of custom box manufacturers for that purpose. Here is how we make sure all that happens flawlessly.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance at Its Best with ECB

For quality assurance, we would never compromise. Even if a single piece or box printing does not meet our criteria, we will not let it pass ahead. That is why none of our custom packaging bulk orders will be substandard. We try our best to keep up the spirit with top-notch quality.

Even if we see that any of our customers have shown concern regarding the package, we try our best to resolve the issue. Yet, chances for that sort of mid adventure are quite rare. As a multi-purpose box packaging venture, we are well aware that none of our efforts are perfect.

That is why we make sure that we keep on improving our services with every project. Whether these are custom food boxes or any other type, our focus is on the quality that we deliver at the end. 

For that purpose, we continuously remain in a loop with our customers. You can get in touch with us anytime you like or need your wholesale or retail boxes. We will try our best to resolve your problem as early as possible.

Vast Range of Packaging Stock and Supply

No customization venture is complete without the right material choice. When we talk about the packaging supply, it refers to the material used for custom box printing and manufacturing. It may range from simple cardboard to the rigid and luxury packaging material we use for various items.

The same stands true for corrugated cardboard packaging. That is best to make your items secure during delivery operations. At ECB, we have a full range of packaging solutions to make your experience richer with us.

For normal packaging, we make use of single face paper. We have a single fluted corrugated layer of paper glued to the other that is normally a liner board.

Next comes the turn of single wall corrugated cardboard stock. In that type, we have two corrugated surfaces glued to one another securely. It gives a more secure and reinforced support to your products against damage. 

The double-walled corrugated flute layered customized box stock is the most secure and third type. It has a durable liner board, and all these are glued to one another with a surety that the packed item will be safe. These provide safety against mechanical shocks and the, moisture and other external impacts.

Specially Crafted Custom Boxes with Free Design Support

The most expensive portion of any packaging solution is the design and layout procedure. Those who have been in that business for long know that a perfect plan is like a backbone for any custom box.

Yet it is also a truth that the design department is difficult to overcome and quite expensive. Not everyone can afford top-quality design and artwork. That is the reason many manufacturers work with familiar shapes and layouts.

If you are also facing such a situation, we at ECB have resolved this issue for you with our free design and layout facility. All you have to do is visit our template library and choose the design of your choice.

Even if you have some odd design or layout in your mind, we will bring it to life. For that purpose, you will have to interact with our designers. They would guide you in transforming that raw idea into custom packaging boxes designs of your choice.

Furthermore, if you had a design from some other vendor and now you want to alter it, we would also do it for you. In short, our design and layout services are no less than a blessing for both newbies and seasoned packaging vendors and manufacturers. 

We Make Sure You Get the Box You Ordered

One of the biggest hassles in packaging is that customers often complain about the variations in their orders. To be more specific, they get a box that does not resemble what they ordered. All that leads to a small or large-scale disturbance. Let us explain why all that is important for a business to get the same box they had ordered for.

Common cargo and delivery packaging like mailer customized boxes without branding are simple to deliver. These do not have any restrictions in color, logo design, etc. however, the size does matter for all kinds of packaging. Now comes the turn of specific packaging used for food items, cosmetics, etc.

At ECB, we ensure that all the packaging mentioned above solutions are delivered with the same promised results as the sample. The reason is very solid. If a lipstick box color will not match the product characteristics, how will someone choose it? 

The same stands for food item packaging. We make sure that the high-resolution images and artwork are all according to your expectations. Even the mouthwatering effect is in place. For all that high-class result, credit goes to our dedicated team of print and publication experts.

Fastest Turnaround Time with Zero Time Wastage

After the criteria mentioned above, the most important aspect is the in-time delivery of your package. We make sure that not even a single second is wasted and you get the box at the assigned time.

All that process starts when you place a quote and finalize the order. Our team has begun working on your project. In the meantime, we also update you with the progress wherever you need it. The sole purpose of all that effort is to save you from time wastage at any stage.

Our efforts mentioned above are well justified on special occasions of the year when you order Christmas packaging or an order for any special event of your life. Even big day celebrations come under the same definition. We make sure that you even get the package on time.

We Make Your Packaging Distinguished and Unique

The last portion of personalization is the uniqueness of your packaging solution, as we see that the market is full of similar items and solutions. If we take the example of the cosmetics industry, many manufacturers copy the patterns and designs of famous vendors and brands.

That might make the process easy at the start, but it will damage your brand reputation in the long run. That is the reason we at ECB always focus on originality and uniqueness. For that purpose, we use simple layouts created according to your business’s needs and demands. Let us explain how we do it. 

For that purpose, we make use of addons and embellishments. Various finishing techniques also play a role in this regard. We follow a unique finishing plan for each order you place with us. We choose a design and scheme that perfectly suits your item. 

Whether you choose a UV, spot, aqueous, or any other finishing, we are there to accommodate it for you within the budget you provide. Our topmost preference is to adjust all your needs and demands within the spending plan.

Why Choose Us

It’s not just about having a custom box for your own personal use.

If you want to stand out in the market, then it’s clear that you should consider as having your custom box company.

Green Packaging Solutions

At ECB, we have developed innovative green solutions that help to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and meet the needs of our customers.

Free Shipment & Delivery

At all times, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers in terms of the lowest mean time and highest quality shipping precautions.

No Minimum Order

We do not restrict our clients to minimum order placement. You can order as low as 100 pieces of packaging or as low as you like.

Thunder Fast Delivery

Your time is more precious to us than even our money. That is why we never waste it at any step or occasion.


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Yes, our packaging is 100% eco-friendly. Our team is greatly contributing in making the environment healthy.


Kate Rutter
Kate Rutter
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Incredible job with printing, excellent packaging material and great turnaround. Will definitely be working with them again. Thank you Michael!
Rachel Scott
Rachel Scott
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Truly professional work!!! We worked with Corey for our box needs and he couldn’t have been more helpful. The entire process went smoothly and we received excellent boxes with top notch print and design.
Amy Ted
Amy Ted
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Incredible job with printing, excellent packaging material and great turnaround. Will definitely be working with them again. Thank you Michael!
Amy Ted
Amy Ted
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Amazing Quality! No regrets at all! Got what I was promised. They helped me with everything I wanted and provided excellent service. Would definitely be ordering again!!


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