Frequently Asked Questions

Order & Production

The minimum order limit is not applicable; you are free to order any number of boxes that you need.

It takes 8 to 10 business days for production to be completed and dispatched. For an earlier completion of your production, consider a rush order, which takes 4 to 5 business days to complete.

Yes, you can order a sample before placing your order. If you are satisfied with our printing, then we will proceed further.

Printing colors are created by mixing ink, whereas the colors you see on the screen are created by light. The quality of the material and the printer can also impact the outcome compared to what you see onscreen.

Yes, you can cancel your order within 4 hours of placing it.

Price & Quotation

You can get lower prices by increasing the order quantity. Pricing is often decided by the size, shape & style of your box.
No, you do not have to pay for plates or dies. There are no hidden charges.
Yes, there can be a 25-50% increase in cost depending on the packaging type. If your budget concerns you, you may consider using unprinted boxes or printing the packaging only on one side.
Yes, it will be more expensive. As a standard, prices are quoted based on CMYK printing. If you want to use Pantone colors, you can let them know, and they can assist you.
Yes, it does. You can let them know what you’re looking for, and they will get back to you with the specific costs.
We accept USD, CAD, and GBP.

Design & Artwork

Yes, you can use our design services; just share your logo, graphics, and other branding elements.

Yes, you can provide your own artwork and design, but you will need to get in touch with the designers. They will guide you regarding the format and resolution requirements.
Yes, you can get the dieline template for your custom boxes after placing the order.
You can send your artwork in a dieline file (PDF or AI format), editable in Adobe Illustrator. Keep the dieline as a separate layer in your AI file for production readiness.

CMYK mixes four colors for printing, while Pantone uses specific colors for consistency, ideal for brand logos.

Printing on kraft paper often results in duller colors, and it is recommended to use black or white ink for a satisfactory outcome.

Material & Printing

Depending on the box style you purchase with us, you can see all the specifications for the board and paper we use below:

  • Mailer box: E-Flute 32 ECT (200 lbs TEST) – 1/16″ thickness.
  • Rigid Box: 0.50pt board + 80lbs (160m) litho paper – 1/16” thickness total.
  • Shipping Box: B-Flute 32 ECT (200 lbs TEST) – 1/8” thickness.
  • Folding Carton: 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, 

Our whiteboard exhibits a matte white surface on both sides, making it an excellent choice for vibrant color printing. On the other hand, the Kraft board features a natural brown shade on both sides, which may result in subdued colors. However, opting for a Kraft board can provide your packaging with an eco-friendly and organic appearance.

If you want to print inside any corrugated box styles, we can do so! It includes tuck tops, mailers, and shippers.

Flutes, also known as corrugation, enhance the strength and resilience of the cardboard used in your packaging. Usually, they are wavy lines attached to paperboard, forming corrugated boards. The fluting provides rigidity to your packaging, which helps it withstand crushes.

Biodegradable packaging undergoes decomposition in the presence of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi and exposure to sunlight. The duration of this decomposition process is variable. On the other hand, compostable packaging decomposes under similar conditions, typically within a fixed period of 90 days.

For most production orders, ECB utilizes a mix of digital and offset printers (specifically lithographic printers). However, we are also capable of accommodating flexographic printing requests when necessary. If you have a specific requirement or preference, please get in touch with us for further discussion and coordination.

Offset printing, also known as lithography or lithographic printing, is a widely used printing method where the inked image is transferred from a plate onto a rubber blanket and then smoothly rolled onto the substrate, typically paper. This printing technique produces large quantities of prints while delivering unparalleled quality in color vibrancy, sharpness, and precision.

Digital printing is primarily used for small-scale printing projects. Unlike traditional printing methods that rely on plates, digital printers employ toners and cartridges, similar to home printers. It’s important to note that digital printers are limited to CMYK colors and do not support Pantone colors. Additionally, while digital printing offers satisfactory quality, it may need to match offset printers’ precision and color accuracy. If you have budget constraints and require lower print volumes, digital printing is a cost-effective choice.

Finishes & Add-ons

The embossing process creates a raised image or design on paper. An embossed logo or text would be slightly raised off the paper by pushing a metal die into the substrate/paper from underneath.
The process of debossing is making an image on paper depressed or indented. A metal die is pushed into the substrate/paper from above during debossing, leaving a slight indentation.
The foil stamping process, also known as hot stamping, adds a layer of foil film to your material using heat and pressure.
Spot UV, also known as Spot Ultra Violet, is a specialized printing technique that adds a glossy and raised coating to specific areas of a printed surface.
Soft touch finishes give your packaging a velvety appearance by adding a velvety feel to the printed artwork. As a varnish or laminate, it has a soft touch feel. There is an additional charge for soft-touch finishes.
An aqueous varnish, or aqueous coating, is a very fast-drying, water-based coating used to protect printed materials.
Lamination involves adding a transparent plastic film (e.g., polypropylene) to your printed materials as a water-based coating. Aqueous varnish adds a water-based coating to your printed materials.
Matte finishes give your packaging a softer, smoother appearance, while glossy finishes give it a glossy appearance.


Your order will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days after the production is complete.

Our shipping is global.

We will package your orders in individual shipping cartons and ship them to the address you provided.
Yes, we can! The end recipient will not be made aware of Elite Custom Boxes at all. If you’d like your order blind shipped, please contact us. However, terms and conditions apply.
Of course! In order to save on shipping costs, we recommend that you combine orders and ship them together.