How to Ship a Candle?

How to Ship Candle Boxes

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Are you in the candle business and want to know how to ship candles safely to their destination?

When shipping candles, certain things must be done to ensure that the candles arrive safely and with no damage and to avoid liability or other legal issues.

How to Ship a Candle without Breaking & Melting?

In this write-up, we will walk you through the steps you need to take to ship your candles safely and securely.

There are two critical things to consider when shipping candles: how to pack and ship them.

1. Choose the Right Type of Box

The correct box is essential for shipping candles. So you have to take care of the packaging from that point of view. Choose one that is sturdy, spacious, and has a lid.

The material must be sturdy to guard the candles against breakage and dampness. Please get corrugated boxes for that purpose.

Be sure to fill the box appropriately so there is enough room for packing material (e.g., crumpled newspaper).

Fill up any space around the candle with packing material. Seal up the top of the box securely with heavy-duty tape, then seal all other seams of the container.

2. Use Packing Peanuts

We have a sturdy box for the outside, but what about the inside? Here is what to do in this regard:

  • First, use packing peanuts to protect each candle from potential damage in transit.
  • Next, place the candles in a box with packing peanuts around them, fill any spaces between the candles with more packing peanuts, and then seal up the box tightly.
  • Finally, seal the packing so that the items within the box are fully covered in the peanuts, and there is no chance of potential damage during transportation.

3. Use Bubble Wrap Sheet

Use bubble wrap or other cushioning material like foam or tissue paper. These would help even if you pack the box tightly.

So there is no space around the candle, and it will be safe from even slight injuries or bruises. Next, start wrapping the Bubble sheet around the bottom of each candle.

4. Use Fragrance-Free Packing

The fragrance-free packaging sheets are one such tip. Also, make sure that no smell will disturb your candles’ fragrance.

Fill up any space with clothes so that the genuine fragrance of your wax candles is intact and nothing from the outside packaging will disturb it.

5. Label the Box Clearly

The recipient’s address and instructions on handling the candle, including warnings about high heat and hot wax if you’re shipping candles that are part of a more extensive product line.

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