What is Spot UV?

What is Spot UV?

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Spot UV, or spot varnish, has been around in the packaging industry for decades, but only recently have manufacturers and consumers realized its many benefits. This unique printing technique allows companies to print images directly onto their packaging material, paper or plastic. Many people confuse it with embossing or debossing.

The printed image can be very intricate and have the quality of a fine photograph while still being durable enough to withstand everyday use and transportation without cracking or fading quickly. There are so many potential uses for spot UV that you might be surprised at how it can help your customized boxes!

Due to the above confusion, we hav brought you today’s detailed article regarding the importance and usage of Spot UV. Read it till the end to get the most out of this informative blog post.

Technical aspects of Spot UV?

Spot-UV was developed as a method to color specific packaging areas without covering up other sites. The process gives a higher print quality than traditional silk screen printing and doesn’t affect underlying graphics or typography. 

This is because, with Spot-UV, light strikes an ink-receptive material called film. Once printed, the film can be dyed with a full range of colors or even tonal gradients. When lit from behind, colored text and graphics are visible from both sides of the printed sheet, and shadows cast by layers of the film add depth to finished packages. 

And don’t forget that this technique has fewer adhesion issues than traditional silk screening when used for single-sided prints!

Perks and Application of Spot UV in Packaging and other Industries

To get a complete overview of Spot UV, we must know its use and how to implement it in the best possible way. For your convenience, we have given you a detailed overview of various functionalities and industries where you will find its use at its peak. Let us start with the art studio industry, which is the very first and original application of Spot UV.

If You Own an Art Studio…

At various art studios around the globe, professionals have been incorporating spot UV into a lot of our work lately and are big fans. They use this process to add value to many products, from paper goods to framed posters. A nice thing about using spot UV on paper or textiles (shirts) is that it doesn’t create a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the product during curing. 

All that utility is evident that your artwork stays visible, vibrant, and unstained. For example, you can use Spot UV for a striking finish matching classic denim and other stuff.

The above technique can be best used for branding purposes, especially when you have to produce bulk orders. The Spot UV will not be economical but also more accurate and robust.

Utility in the Packaging Industry

Spot-UV has been popping up in many retail displays, advertisements, and even products. That makes it a heart’s favorite choice in various genres of the packaging industry. Some might think about the need for that arrangement in the boxing industry. Why not opt for a simple design and layout? 

The answer is twofold: First, it makes the designs more striking and recognizable. Second, it increases shelf visibility by creating a ‘spotlight’ for the product. However, it’s not as simple as just going to an online spot-UV site and uploading your artwork. 

Even though plenty of vendors specialize in this finishing, you have to ensure they can provide what you’re looking for. It needs alot of technical expertise and proper usage of apparatus. Without all that arrangement, you will not get the best outcomes with your Spot UV venture.

When applied to packaging industry materials such as plastic wrappers and boxes, it ensures brand recognition will stay intact until it reaches its destination. The eye-catching effect on packaging material makes it so that customers have no trouble recognizing product differentiation immediately.

Use of Spot UV in Architecture

What if I told you that there is a quick and easy way to transform any interior without building from scratch? That would be my favorite form of magic. That is where Spot UV enters the scene of architecture. Consider some texture, whether fabric, marble, or something more intangible, like color. Spot UV on your design will create softness and warmth in a sterile space such as a hotel or airport terminal.

The biggest perk of using the spot technique is that it will save the treated surface from any extra wear and tear. Moreover, moisture will also not affect it. A spot varnish works by partially obscuring ink with a transparent varnish. The result is the text that shines through vividly when applied to a specific part of an illustration or photograph. 

Its purpose is to capture one detail in the photo or design while maintaining some form and balance with the other elements. The image can be on t-shirts, advertisements, posters and more.

Final Verdict

Have you ever taken a package off a shelf and seen Spot UV on it? Without knowing what spot UV was, you probably just assumed that it had a glossy finish or perhaps improved the printing process. Well, you would be wrong! This blog post will look at what spot UV is in the packaging industry and how it affects your business. There are more finishing options are available for your desired boxes.

Spot UV prints (offset lithography) offer creative images that create an eye-catching appearance on everything from paper surfaces to other flexible materials, such as plastic sheets. They usually have even higher quality than flexographic printing and silk screen printing.

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