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The importance of custom chocolate boxes is paramount in the realm of chocolate packaging. Chocolate is a delightful treat that is savored by all. If it is your own chocolate brand, the best way to market it would be through custom packaging which adds a crowd-pleasing appeal to this sweet treat. It is a genuine fact that the look of the boxes and packaging of chocolate matters a lot in impressing the target customers. There have been many retail stores that have the most delicious chocolates. But they usually fail to make the desirable sales figures. You might wonder why this takes place. The answer lies in their designs and packaging of the product in question. Fortunately, custom boxes add a layer of goodwill to your chocolate packaging and increase your customer retention. ECB custom prints and manufactures packaging for chocolatiers, caterers and bakers. They make a great addition to retail chocolate gifts and baskets, packaging for restaurants, candy shops, event planners and more. Our chocolate boxes are laser cut for a consistent and perfect cut to fit any size chocolate bar. We can also add logos, messages and illustrations on the packaging.

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When it comes to chocolate boxes, there’s a lot you need to think about. 

You want something that will be flexible enough to hold any chocolate delights your customer wants. And something that looks nice after the box has been emptied too. [ECB] prides itself as one of the best custom chocolate box packaging companies in the US. 

The process is simple: you contact us via phone, email, or live chat. We take your details. And we get to work diligently on providing you with a top-notch design. We’ll incorporate your logo and brand. While making sure it complements the overall feel of the product.

The best chocolate is sold in custom boxes. Therefore, avail ECB’s custom chocolate box printing service. Chuck your boring old-shaped cardboard boxes in favor of unique chocolate packaging.

For orders and inquiries, contact ECB at (888) 908-3029.

Custom Chocolate Boxes by ECB: What to expect?

There are special moments that call for a pleasure-filled gift. Moments, where no matter what it is, chocolate is the way to go. But most businesses often only pack their chocolates in plain cardboard boxes.

So great chocolate deserves great packaging. We believe that putting a passion into your product and delivering it in the right format makes all the difference. That’s why we offer custom printed chocolate boxes with the finest quality art and craftsmanship. As well as design to compliment your business.

At ECB our art, design, and technology are all integrated to provide high quality chocolate boxes at a low cost to you. Therefore, whether you are packaging chocolate for corporate promotion or retail use. Our custom boxes will give your brand an elegant result.

Beautiful Bespoke Chocolate Boxes with HD Printing

Having trouble selling your chocolate is a real drag. Customers don’t know where it comes from. The design is dull. And so they don’t show interest in your product. 

So do you feel giving your chocolate a modern make-over? 

ECB box printing experts can design something unique for your business. We let chocolate manufacturers customize the wrapper, color scheme, and overall chocolate box packaging design. And all at such little cost.

We offer custom artwork on candy boxes. Now you can decorate your favorite homemade candy with a customized chocolate box. Our high resolution printing ensures that you can print your photos and images onto these food boxes. And that too with clarity and precision.

With ECB chocolate box packaging solutions, you are spoilt for choice. Therefore, contact us today to add extra charm and appeal to your corporate identity.

Chocolate Candy Boxes for Maximum Attraction

The right promotion can have a huge impact on your business. However, it is harder than ever to get your message across amidst all the noise on the market.

Customers have conflicting desires. They want goods that are: unique and with a story.

Therefore, the key to such challenges is creating a special chocolate confectionery box. Something that will break through the competition and be remembered.

ECB stocks high-quality, top-of-the-range promotional packaging for firms around the world. More importantly, our team of experts works with you to design. And create the perfect chocolate boxes packaging for your personal needs. Whether you need to stock up on chocolate packaging for a store or luxury items for a deluxe nightclub.

We create stunning and cost-effective custom food boxes for chocolate packaging. And use only the best quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and high-end feel. Your design is printed on our scented chocolate boxes by in-house professional printers. Therefore, rounding off the perfect sale for your chocolate products. 

In addition, we also take care of fulfillment and distribution for you in several locations around the globe.

Therefore, contact ECB today. It’s because we ensure that your premium chocolate or sweets look their best in store windows. Or in your online store.

Get Boxes with Logo Printing & Vivid Artworks

Are you devoting all your time to producing the best dark chocolates… but still feel like you’re behind the power curve? 

Are you tired of watching profits run away with your competitors? In business, you don’t have time for mistakes.

The solution? 

With custom chocolate boxes packaging, you don’t need to waste your valuable time when it comes to looking impressive. By partnering with us, we handle that part. Therefore, letting you spend more time growing your business and keeping more profits in your pocket.

ECB offers custom printed chocolate candy boxes. You can personalize them with your brand logo and unique artwork. 

So use these boxes to pack up the loot from your candy buffet. Send it as a sweet birthday or thank you gift. Or make them a special treat for the wedding guests. These customized boxes are made from sturdy whiteboards and are hand-crafted. 

In addition, we can decorate the box in any way you like. For example, you can line the box with a colorful layout to match your brand colors.

Our unique collection of confectionary packaging comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. In addition, each one is ideal to enhance the beauty of your cakes, desserts, and chocolate.

Durable Cardboard Boxes for Chocolate Shipping

Chocolate lovers around the world are crying tears over how to safely get their precious chocolate gifts across the ocean. And that without it breaking or melting.

Has your company ever tried (and failed) to ship a delicious chocolate gift? And find that your hard work is destroyed in transit?

If you’re a chocolatier, we can make custom chocolate shipping boxes to meet all your needs. We use premium-grade, recycled paperboard to create these durable cases. This packaging is specifically made for the transport of chocolate without the risk of breakage or pressing.

All the sides of the box have thick pieces of corrugated cardboard to help prevent a corner, top, bottom, or side crushing in transit. In addition, each of the boxes has ample room for optional protective padding.

Chocolate Packaging Boxes with Inserts & Dividers

Every chocolatier knows and loves the problem – how to protect the chocolate and give it a good appearance. Sometimes you want to put single pieces inside, sometimes it is more convenient to pack several boxes together. Other times you need dividers or inserts.

When you’re in the business of making and packaging chocolate, display matters. As any chocolatier will tell you, how you package your chocolates is every bit as vital as their taste. 

So ECB has the answer to this problem with its custom-made boxes with inserts and dividers. These top-quality boxes offer prime versatility. And come with a variety of inserts. The personalized cardboard box with insert can store different types and sizes of chocolates. Be it for personal use or gifting purposes. 

In addition, we can make boxes for chocolates, bars, filled chocolates, truffles, or cakes. We offer both hot stamping and silk screening with a variety of colored inks and finishes.

Get Personalized Chocolate Gift Boxes

For some of us, chocolate is the food of love. And these days there is certainly no shortage of options for gift-giving events. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, and the old standby Valentine’s Day (or any day…or no special occasion at all) are just a few times when a well-wrapped box of chocolates can ­create warm fuzzies.

Your customers may want chocolate gift boxes with a personal touch. And happily, we at ECB offer such services as well.

After going through hundreds of hours of research and development, we’re excited to share that we’ve finally come up with the most personalized gift boxes. We handpick versatile packaging boxes. And create designs like no other company.

Not only do we help give you that perfect gift by customizing the packaging itself; it comes with a handwritten card or label created just for them!

When you want to say it with chocolate, EliteCustomBoxes is ready to help. 

We make bespoke chocolate gift packaging ideal for parties, weddings, and other special events. 

Each box or tin comes personalized with photos and text that you provide. And we wrap them in cellophane. In addition, we can tie them with a bow. Just the way professionals do it. Therefore, our custom gift boxes are a terrific way to share the love on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion that calls for chocolates.

Order Customized Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

We are offering all kinds of chocolate boxes at wholesale prices. Therefore, you can use our custom boxes to pack your gift, sell chocolates in the market, or ship them.

Here are some main features which make ECB the best provider of chocolate box printing and manufacturing solutions:

Bespoke-Friendly → We make boxes to exactly fit your design with bespoke printing, embossing, and foiling processes. So it means that we can print and manufacture any size of chocolate box for you. Including square, round, rectangular, oval, and heart-shaped.

Saving Material → We only use 100% recycled materials for making these bakery boxes. And that’s why we can offer the best price. Our eco-friendly material is also strong enough to package chocolates in bulk.

Tiny Order Accepted → We accept small orders without MOQ. It’s because we believe that every client deserves the best service. Therefore, if you want to buy some custom made chocolate cardboard boxes, please contact us now!


What is a custom-made chocolate boxes?

A custom chocolate box is a box featuring clever designs to give your sweets an amazing look. Something that will surely make your customers crave for more.

The custom chocolate box can be used for packaging or transporting chocolates. It is typically made out of brown corrugated cardboard. The size, thickness, and shape of the custom chocolate boxes can vary depending on the needs of the buyer. 

In many cases, the design of the food boxes is printed directly onto the material using heat transfer printing. This is done to give each custom chocolate box a unique and attractive appearance.

Can you print stickers for my chocolate box?

You can get custom sticker printing service for chocolate boxes from us. We can supply stickers for your boxes to make them look attractive. You will be impressed by the quality of our printing. We have an excellent team of designers who will prepare custom designs for your package. They have years of experience in this field and they know what works and what doesn’t work.

Where to order custom chocolate packaging online? is a professional supplier of customized chocolate packaging boxes that are made from high quality paperboard, for all kinds of chocolates, candies and gourmet treats as well.

Our bespoke chocolate packaging is also suitable for gifts, wedding favors, gift baskets and more. All our products comply with FDA standards so you can be sure that they are safe to use for food packaging or any other purpose.

Our custom boxes have a variety of different sizes and shapes to choose from. We offer high-quality low-cost custom boxes that meet your needs perfectly. They have a beautiful shine which makes them stand out among other gift packaging boxes and present high-end gifts very nicely.

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