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Small sized gifts and precious ornaments require extra care while packaging and extra protection while transportation. These purposes are served by the use of Kraft Pillow Boxes that not only protect these sensitive ornaments such as jewelry but can also be customized to add an aesthetic touch. We “Elite Custom Boxes” provide eco-friendly and renewable Kraft Pillow Boxes that are made out of the best material so that no compromise is made on the quality. In addition to that, we also offer a number of customization options that let you choose the shape, design, color, logo and size of your choice so that the box not only protects your valuable materials but also becomes a source of advertisement. The use of latest printing technologies and colorful inks make your product vibrant, noticeable and eye-catching and make it stand-out among the rest. All of our Customized Kraft Pillow Boxes are sold to the customers at whole-sale rates and we also make sure that our product reaches your doorstep in time to make your experience with us hassle-free and memorable. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and experts are always present to ensure that no compromise is made on it.

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Kraft pillow boxes are very popular in the packaging industry. They are distinctive, durable, and economical. The best part about them is that you can customize them according to your needs.

Therefore, you can use your own creativity to design the perfect box for you!

For instance, if you want to create a unique look, you can use windows or decorate it with images, text, logo, and color stripes.

With that said, there are many other ways that these boxes can be customized.

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

Kraft pillow boxes are one of the hottest kraft paper packaging trends right now.

It’s an affordable way to add a little extra personalization and branding to your product—all while creating a sleek, modern look that will draw attention from consumers.

One of the biggest draws of making your own custom pillow boxes is how easy it is to get started.

Once you have the basic materials in place, you can easily make them in bulk with little effort.

This means that retail packaging companies can create custom pillow boxes for every client in the least time possible.

So if you are selling a product that is small and easily breakable, then it makes sense to use custom kraft paper packaging to package your product before shipping.

This will not only enhance the appearance of your products but also protect them from any damage during transit.

Looking for quality kraft pillow boxes wholesale? [ECB] makes the best custom boxes wholesale. The main benefits of using our pillow boxes include:

  • Packaging is made from strong and durable material;
    Custom boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs;
  • Use them to pack various products such as gummy bears, candies, nuts etc.;
  • High-quality printing service is available with a customized logo on the packaging box;
  • Free quotes. Free shipping. No minimum order requirements. Free design support.

Design Your Own Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality plain and custom packaging boxes, then you have come to the right place.

We offer a wide range of sizes and styles such as pillow boxes with logo in various colors.

Our custom printed pillow boxes are ideal for retail packaging, photo albums, small gifts, and many more uses.

You can customize them with your own artwork and design in any shape to suit your needs. Our design team is ready to help you out with all aspects of designing the perfect box for your product including color selection, print techniques, and artwork placement and design.

Premium Quality Kraft Pillow Boxes with Logo & Artwork Printing

Pillow boxes are very easy to carry, store, manage and transport. You can easily store these custom kraft boxes in small spaces as they take less space than the traditional boxes.

Printing custom pillow boxes with logo is a great way to promote your business or product. The pillow box has an excellent design which makes it attractive so that people will notice it at first sight. With great printing quality on a custom pillow box, you are dressing your business for a guaranteed win-win situation!

Custom boxes with logo and artwork printing also become an ideal packaging solution for all of your gift-giving needs i.e in the form of business gifts, promotional giveaways, or party favor boxes.

These custom kraft pillow boxes come in two different sizes. The smaller size is best for use as a gift box for jewelry items along with earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. You can use them to package small trinkets such as keychains or pens. The larger box is ideal for larger items such as creams, cushions, gummies as well as art supplies.

Also, the kraft paper is durable and will therefore protect fragile items during shipping.

Durable Kraft Mailer Boxes For Fast & Safe Shipping

If you are looking for a way to ship items safely then you should consider using kraft mailer boxes. These corrugated cardboard containers protect fragile items during shipping. They have been in existence for decades now, and they remain the most popular choice among shippers because of how cheap they are. Their cheap price does not reflect their quality though because these boxes can last up to five years with proper care.

Therefore, a durable kraft pillow box is a must for any company that ships items.

This is because a sturdy box will protect against shifting, tearing, and crushing. The box will give the items inside some cushioning while in transit, which means less damage to your products when they arrive at their destination.

As a result of this, your customers will appreciate the safer arrival of their goods. Plus, you’ll be reducing costs because you won’t be replacing damaged goods.

Kraft Pillow Boxes Wholesale Printing & Manufacturing

Custom Printed pillow boxes are an excellent way to package your products. They’re also a great advertising vehicle, as their eye-catching designs help build brand awareness and connect with customers on a new level.

At ECB, we offer custom-made kraft pillow boxes at wholesale prices. With our affordable custom packaging services, you can easily create customized packaging that will boost your business’ marketing potential while giving your products the protection they need too.

Do you want high-quality custom kraft pillow packaging boxes?

Please feel free to contact ECB at (888) 908-3029. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers offering a wide variety of custom kraft boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom kraft pillow box?

A custom kraft box is a corrugated box that has been printed with your company logo, branding, or other information. They are good for packaging and shipping items. The biggest benefit to using kraft pillow boxes is the fact that anyone can easily recognize the company’s brand without having to open it. This makes them great for shipping products as well as presenting them at trade shows or other events. For example, if you run a high-end retail store, you might find it beneficial to use custom kraft boxes to ship out your items safely as well as nicely display your items over the counter.

 What are the best features of custom kraft box packaging?

1). Kraft boxes are a common packaging method in the shipping industry.

2). It is one of the most cost-effective ways to send your product out to your clients, and it also allows you to share your brand with potential customers.

3). One of the best features about custom kraft boxes is that they are inexpensive. The material for this type of box is available at any major retailer.

4). It is useful for many different purposes and with so many different products. That also means that there is a wide variety of sizes available, which means that it will always fit whatever product you want to put inside it.

5). Another reason these custom printed boxes are so popular is that they can be customized in any way you like to make them look great and unique.

In short, if you are looking for a great way to add an element of luxury to your products, then custom kraft box packaging is the answer. These are great for business owners who want to package their products with class.

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