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E-Cigarette Boxes

Making custom e cigarette boxes increase the beauty of your product. The shape of an electronic cigarette is similar to that of a cigarette or a cigar, but it is free of nicotine. It possesses a battery and a solution of several chemicals and flavors along with nicotine. The rise in demand for vaping products and electronic cigarettes has forced many businesses to develop more intriguing ways of product packaging. Being ordinary is no longer an option in this competitive world. The tobacco industry demands to get their desired boxes in custom shapes and sizes. They ask for custom packaging boxes for different kinds of stogies. The custom boxes are designed under the supervision of professional experts, who adroitly interpret your branding needs. This results in an exuberant look that makes your product outshines others. At Elite Custom Boxes, we provide incredible customization options for the packaging of E-cigarette boxes. Innovative packaging is the key to the visibility of the product on the retail shelves. We make use of premium printing and exquisite designs to give your products an aesthetic appearance.

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E Cigarette Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

E cigarette boxes are the ornaments for the promotion or branding of your e-cig business. Therefore, ECB strives its best to produce the best custom packaging boxes. Our work speaks volumes when it comes to branding and any other cbd box demands. Our customers get happy with how our custom boxes turn out. We have spent many hours trying to figure out how to improve your company’s image while providing you with the best ecig boxes around. Thus, we are here to create an informative, yet pretty product that will help you grow your business.

Dimensions Custom Sizes
Material White, Brown Kraft
Material Thickness 14pt, 18pt, 24pt
Color Options CMYK, Pantone (PMS)
Printed Sides Inside Only, Outside Only, Both Side
Finishes Matte, Glossy, Soft Touch, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating
Add-ons Embossing, Debossing, Die Cutting, Window Patching
Production Time 8 - 10 Business Days
Shipping 2 - 3 Business Days

Custom Electronic Cigarette Boxes with Logo for Branding

Looking for custom e-cigarette boxes with your logo print on them? Well you are in luck because these days more and more business owners are reaching out to us for this service. The reasons vary, but they all boil down to one thing: they want to build an image that users will remember. A great way to stand out in the crowd is by making yourself look unique. A great way to do that in the e-cigarette industry is with custom e-cig boxes with your logo prints on them.

So why should the big guys get all the fun?

If you want to boost your own cigarette business, you have to use our custom e cigarette boxes. Using our custom-made boxes for your e-liquid brand will improve the look of your store and give customers a more professional look of your brand. The addition of custom logo printing gives users an even bigger reason to buy from you instead of the competition.

E Cigarette Custom Display Boxes For More Sales

Custom cardboard E-cigs packaging is an ideal method to produce an order or even for retail businesses. It’s possible to design the e-cig boxes exactly like you want with custom logo, brand name, style of font, image of photos and many more. The packaging would be a perfect choice that is very nice and cheap for small firms. The major companies that sell e-cigarettes always prefer to buy boxes from ECB instead of buying it from the market. This is because this way they get customers’ trust through unique product label design.

We are the expert provider of electronic cigarette packaging solutions. Our services include 3D design, manufacturing, assembling, custom designing, custom painting and much more. ECB’s cigarette boxes are a great way to show off your e-liquid brand products. Our company builds each box with high precision and quality to ensure each customer safely receives the product. And though our process includes several rounds of adjustments to the design. But still the early time commitment ensures the best final product possible. We mean a cbd box that differentiates your e-cigarette brand from your competitors!

All Designs & Types of Electronic Cigarette Retail Boxes

So what are some truly crazy e-cigarette box ideas? The sky’s the limit. We’re open to anything. Literally anything, since there is absolutely no reason for us to judge your artistic input. We have an entire team of experts who are not only willing, but eager to work with you on creating a one-of-a-kind custom e-cig box of your dreams. With years of experience in the custom packaging boxes and a full staff of experts who design and make cartons, we can take on any carton project — from simple carton packaging assembly for one-off cartons to large-scale box production, including boxes for e-cigarettes. Your product needs to stand out. It needs to be attractive on the shelf and on your website. And your customers need to know you take pride in the products you offer. This is where we can help.

Durable E-Cig Cardboard Boxes

If you are in the business of e-cigs, you would be knowing that these products have numerous accessories that need safe storage. Therefore, we have an industry-proven methodology to pack them in a way that they don’t get broken by the time they reach the final destination. We use the finest quality packaging materials to ensure that no damage is done to your products. Our e-cig containers are stronger than other boxes on the market and are built with durability in mind. So no matter what 3rd party shipping company you’re using, you can rest easy knowing your orders won’t damage from shoddy packaging or extreme weather conditions.

E Cigarette Boxes At Wholesale Price

Our boxes are useful for packaging your e-cigs. These handy cases come in different sizes and styles. They make the packaging job easier by protecting your cigs from damage. With these boxes, you can also take your e-cigs to places where other people can see them like store counters. Clients will love the appearance of your e-cigs especially when these are elegantly packed. With us, you can create your unique packaging boxes easily. You can choose from 100s of unique looks with custom options like lighting, filters and multiple colors.

It’s never been easier. ECB provides you with top quality ecig boxes at wholesale prices! We are primarily a wholesale business, however, we do take small orders of 50-500 boxes on occasion. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service possible. Our expert sales team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or assist you in placing an order. If you would like to place an order please call us toll free (888) 908-3029. We can process your order over the phone and get it ready for shipping as soon as possible.