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After the spread of Corona and the Pandemic, the food tray business has amazingly evolved to new dimensions. It is the most circulated packaging item. If you respect your food brand name, then you must opt for such disposable solutions. Since every food enthusiast wishes to hold their food in a sanitary food container, these trays are getting popular with time. At ECB we take special care in producing these trays for your customized business needs and requirements. We offer superb and also trendy designs and styles that are also easy to use. The convenience of your target audience is our topmost priority. With top-notch food-grade material, we try our best to satisfy their needs and requirements. You can choose a suitable product packaging supply for that purpose. Depending upon your budget you can choose anything stock between cardboard to Kraft. In addition, we also offer freestyle and design assistance. Our online client support service team is always there to accommodate your specific needs. You can get in touch with them any time 24/7. What are you waiting for? Rush! Use the interesting wholesale deals for paper food trays to enjoy the fringe benefits we offer at ECB.

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Food product packaging in the form of customized trays is no doubt a great and convenient option for food lovers. That is an easy way to take their food on the go without the tension of heavy utensils. However, these trays must be resilient and sturdy enough to accommodate all sorts of food items. Most of the time these trays are used for bakery items and sweets. There are various types and styles of these trays that make them a hot selling item.

This is just how a food box and tray and also sleeve design enter the scene. With the improved sturdiness and increased storage, it is loved by both end-users and manufacturers. At ECB we have years of experience on our backs in that regard. You can trust us for any type of tray design and style that would make your target audience happy. With our free design assistance and complimentary shipment, it is a highly beneficial deal. Let us tell you more about our custom food tray services.

Wholesale Printed Food Tray Product Packaging

Food firms are extremely aware of the health of their food. The majority of the food production markets generate healthy food to fulfill their consumer requirements. Food tray boxes are an ideal option in this regard. At ECB we have one of the most knowledgeable firms in the field of printing and also product packaging trays and boxes. We are offering our substantial consumers a selection of eye-catching paper food trays that maintain their food fresh for a longer duration.

High-Tech Printing for Paper Food Trays

At ECB we furnish you with a wide array of added attributes that make your paper food trays packaging a lot more appealing. Your packaging would certainly be insufficient if you don’t use our amazing printing and finishing. If you wish to offer glossy lamination to your food trays after that you can choose gloss as well as matte lamination. If you intend to maintain your item non-glittery after that you can choose a plain paper plan. However, we would recommend that you go for the printed version as it will add to the grace of your custom printed food trays.

Why Need Disposable Food Trays?

We have already stated enough about the need for these food packaging trays yet some of our readers might want to know more. The fact is that disposable food trays are the need of time. These trays are a part and parcel of the busy life we all are facing today. Especially in offices and hostels, these trays are the most convenient way to serve and take food. The ECB plays its role in this regard too. It is our topmost preference to furnish you with food-grade products that are risk-free and also eco-friendly. Our food boxes are free from the harmful elements that might endanger the quality of your food items. Even if you have to store food items in them for a short period these would remain risk-free from dampness, microbes, and other dangerous elements. The same stands true for our food-grade cardboard boxes.

Custom Food Trays with Numerous Finishing Options

No printed packaging solution is complete without proper finishing and add-ons. The same stands true for custom food trays. Some of our readers might wonder how it is possible to embellish such a small item with various add-ons. Well, at ECB we make it possible with our extensive experience and dedication. You can even print anything on the tray that will entertain your target audience. That is just like the custom printed boxes that we produce for various items. For instance, like the vast range of retail boxes by us, we also treat these trays significantly. With various sorts of product descriptions and business information, you can acquire these trays in an assortment of colors. Moreover, we can cover each food tray with the type of embellishment that you may have in mind.

Vast Range of Stock Choice for Customized Trays

At ECB our topmost priority is to produce 100% recyclable customized trays for food items. Whether you choose Kraft, cardboard, or even cardstock ridged stock we would not disappoint you. Not only that, but we also give over a gigantic array of customized strategies. All that effort is meant to boost the appeal of your food tray range of packaging. We make use of CMYK/PMS and other printing techniques for the appearance of your personalized food trays. We can even cover the cardboard to broaden its solidness covering it up with AQ or UV coating. Depending upon your budget we can also apply Matte UV surface. The logo design is decorated with calligraphic perceptions. In short, your order is treated in such a way that when you get it you will admire not only the result but also our hard work behind it.

Why Prefer ECB Over Other Packaging Solutions?

No matter if you choose us for a food tray project or any other packaging solution, we would not disappoint you. As obvious from the above discussion, we at ECB are the best packaging remedy supplier regardless of what requirements you may have. We have a substantial variety of alternatives in product packaging trays for edibles. All you need to do is put a demand concerning your business needs and leave the rest to us:

Innovative and Stylish Food Trays

Our packaging solutions are not simply restricted to boxes; we likewise provide different types of trays and food box tray options. Produce your extremely own inexpensive personalized trays for edibles. It will include an additional customer experience for your end-users.

Finishing and Embellishments

No food box or tray manufacture is complete without proper embellishment. We offer individualized designs and patterns to add a distinguished grace to your edibles. It will certainly additionally add an ingenious touch to your food brand.

Complete Modification Options:

At ECB, we have an optimal setup for all your modification needs. Whether about sustainable materials for food items, we have all in supply. That is how we produce packaging of every kind, form, and also size.

Sizing Alternatives for Different Trays:

Food tray packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. We supply our product packaging design for any kind of product dimension that will pleasantly house all your demands. No need to discuss these would certainly also suffice to secure your products from possible problems.

Full-Time Customer Support

Our sales reps are ready to serve you 24/7 to make sure that any individual can inquire and also acquire assistance at the best moment.

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