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Struggling to find the ideal packaging box for your hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces? Standard boxes are available, but too expensive and you don’t know who will be printing the boxes or how accurately they will be printed. Custom-printed Hair Extension Packaging Boxes by ECB are the ideal solution for you. We provide a secure but appealing package for hair extensions. Secretly packaged inside, each extension is protected for transit by our proprietary packaging materials and finished with 100% recycled-content paper tape. Our rigid cardboard injection molding is designed to hold the extensions firmly in place and provide a beveled fit while showcasing your customized artwork on the boxes. Custom-printed hair extension packaging boxes allow you to showcase your hair extensions in all of their glory. These eye-catching, colorful and sleek boxes can be made to any specifications – the sky is the limit. These hair extension boxes are sleek and sturdy, and make a distinct impression whether customers are looking online or in-store. Great for on-the-go hairdressers, salons, distributors, suppliers and more.

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Custom hair extension boxes are an innovative packaging solution. They are specifically made for hair extensions. It provides secure protection while being aesthetically pleasing on the retail shelves. It is a unique way to showcase your hair extension brand in a subtle manner. (ECB) is the best supplier of a line of hair extension packaging boxes. We offer packaging for both real human hair and synthetic hair extensions. Our target audience is hair stylists and retailers of extensions, who are looking for better ways to package their finished products. These boxes are great for large extensions, clip-on hair, as well as tape-in extensions. Finally, a solution that works!

We will use your logo or custom artwork to create exciting, unique boxes. Therefore, getting your customers excited about receiving their new hair extensions.

Custom Hair Extension Boxes by ECB: What to expect?

Hair extension products have been on the market for over 20 years. But there has never been a good way to store and easily transport them.

You spent all this money on hair extensions. And you can’t display them to your potential customers properly?

It is time to think of a way to market your hair extensions. It is time to stop letting all that expensive inventory end up collecting dust.

That’s where ECB comes in! 

Our luxury hair extension packaging will transform your customer’s next hair extension purchase into a breeze. We provide bespoke designs for hair extension cosmetic boxes. 

In addition, you’ll have access to the kind of packaging that shows you’re serious about your product. Therefore, customers will remember your brand when they unpack their new hair extensions.

Luxury Hair Extension Packaging for Your Cosmetics Business

Hair extensions are for women who want the best of everything. If you want to give your client the best hair extension packaging, trust ECB to make it happen. Just like you, we understand that elite extensions deserve elite packaging. 

We can customize our hair extension boxes with a variety of different options to fit any style or budget. From small and simple styles, to extravagant and complex, we have something that will make your product shine.

The extension packaging box is one of the main ways that consumers interact with your hair extensions. And is, therefore, a key tool in determining whether they will be purchasing. It should be attractive but also well-designed enough to make them want to open it up and take a closer look.

Contact us today for the custom manufacturing and printing of hair extension boxes at wholesale rates.

A Reliable Packaging Solution for Hair Spas & Salon Owners

Hair shops, salons, and providers face stiff competition as well as various problems with their packaging design. For example, hair accessories could be packed in a tiny box making it cumbersome to open, or in a box that doesn’t show the contents clearly enough to hook customers.

Custom hair extension boxes are an emerging trend in the personal care market. This is because it provides opportunities to hairstylist professionals for affordable, efficient, and innovative packaging for their products. 

ECB provides custom hair extension packaging made of a luxurious high-quality board to create a high-end look. Each box is made to perfectly fit a set of hair extensions. With an elegant label on the box, you will have the high end look you have always wanted.

Our custom boxes are perfect for storing and displaying your favorite hair extensions. These boxes come custom-printed with your own designs. And can include a window or mirror, making them perfect for salons and beauty supply stores. Our durable packaging will provide enough space for any hair accessories. Therefore, keeping everything organized; and easy to store, display, and ship.

Our Boxes Protect Hair Extensions Against Damage

Hair extensions are so expensive. And therefore, you need a place to store them. They look beautiful when your stylist puts them in, but they can always end up tangled up or just plain lost.

In short, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on hair extensions can be useless if they are not properly packaged. It’s because the exotic beauty that you love to show off with your new wavy hair might not last long without the right safety packaging.

But worry not!

ECB offers custom hair extension box printing services for you to store them in. These boxes have easy to open and close tabs that you can simply tear through with one hand, keeping your other hand free while you hold on to your precious mane. Our boxes can also fit multiple bundles at once. Therefore, making it easier and safer to transport more hair at once. They are also the perfect size for a professional salon package look without taking up too much room on your counters or cabinets.

So protect hairs from tangling with our new line of packaging for hair extensions. We provide you with custom hair extension boxes for any type of hair extension product that you sell, from clip-in wefts to ready-to-wear wigs. And that too at an unbeatable price.

We Make Pillow Boxes for Hair Extensions

Are you in the market for a packaging option that will showcase your hair extension products in an elegant and eye-catching way? There are several options out there, but none as attractive as custom pillow boxes.

Pillow boxes are one of the most popular packaging options for shipping loose hair extensions. These boxes are a great option to protect your product and highlight your company’s design. Not only do they protect items inside the box, but they are also great for displaying products in an enticing way.

In addition, they are small, fold flat, and easy to store. provides pillow boxes for the packaging of hair extensions and wigs. They come with a large window to show off what’s inside and come in various sizes that can fit almost any package. Plus, we can customize these boxes by imprinting them with images of your choice. Or simply adding a sticker to the outside of the package.

Why Choose Us?

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a manufacturer for your packaging needs. That’s why we’re proud to offer you the largest selection of custom cardboard boxes and packaging materials on the web.

For hair extension boxes, we offer a variety of different styles and sizes. Our stock items include lip gloss boxes, mascara boxes, and makeup foundation boxes. We also offer custom printing for lip gloss boxes. Or printed onto luxury hair extension packaging boxes in full color using either direct-to-board digital printing or offset lithography. Our professional design team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

We make it easy for you to get started with our free online quote request form. Complete the form by providing us with details about what materials and sizes you need as well as any special requests you may have regarding design and decoration. Once your quote is approved, we’ll work quickly to provide you with high-quality packaging that meets all of your needs.

Choose us for hair extension box printing and manufacturing, because:

  • Low MOQ: no minimum order quantity requirements.
  • Fast turnaround: fast production time and quick delivery.
  • Eco-friendly cardboard boxes: new and recycled material with eco-friendly inks.
  • Boxes in different designs and styles: customized printing available, different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles of boxes for your choice.
  • Wholesale rates: competitive prices for large or small quantities for sale, hair extension packaging boxes wholesale rates available.
  • Free artwork design service: free artwork design assistance on any project you want, fast delivery for customized print jobs!
  • Professional design team all the way from client services to production teams is always here to help you out!

Order Hair Extension Boxes with Bespoke Printing Service at Wholesale Rates

Be it a small print run or a large order, we can meet your demands. We have competitive prices and we’re confident that our prices are the most competitive. Our goal is to please you. With our high-quality cardboard boxes and fast turnaround, you’ll be pleased with our company’s service and products.

We offer custom box printing. Fast turnaround. No MOQ. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes. Boxes in different designs and styles. Wholesale rates.

We don’t just do box printing, but also do carton printing, etc…

We look forward to serving you!

For queries and orders, get in touch with our online support team or contact us at (888) 908-3029!


What is the purpose of a hair extension box?

The purpose of this box is to help store your hair extensions and protect them from dirt and dust. 

As we all know, if the hair cannot be transported and stored in good condition, its quality will be greatly reduced even before it arrives at the salon or store.

Therefore, hair extension packaging is made to protect the hair extension during its transportation and storage, to prevent it from being damaged or tangled.

Where to buy custom hair extension boxes online? is the best place to buy custom hair extension boxes. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, they offer boxes with free design support. They can produce your custom hair extension boxes at the lowest prices. The boxes are of high quality and have a variety of options for you to choose from.

ECB specializes in custom design services for all types of businesses, including hair salons and other beauty centers, tanning salons, spas or any retail business that sell hair extensions or other types of hair enhancement products.

How to order hair extension packaging with custom printing?

  • You can order custom hair extension boxes online at a great price from Our price includes the design of your box, the printing and the delivery of your order. You can also visit us in person and pick up a sample.
  • Select your favorite box design or upload your own.
  • Our sales agents will contact you as soon as possible. They will provide you a free quote and show you a sample for approval first
  • After you approve the design, we will print the hair extension boxes as per your request.
  • We will then ship the boxes at your chosen pickup point.
  • We will keep tracking orders until they are delivered to you and make sure they arrive on time.

*You can also dial (888) 908-3029 or send an email at for the order.

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