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Custom makeup boxes make lip glosses look gorgeous. Transform eyeshadow into a work of art. AND those blushes into a masterpiece. The cosmetics industry is as competitive as it is glamorous, and that’s why many companies choose to spend money on packaging. But why? Aren’t the eyeshadows and lipsticks and bronzer the stars of the show? Sure, they are. But they shine even brighter with a custom makeup box that complements their colors and design. Your customers will be delighted by your brand if you put thought into your packaging; if it’s beautiful enough, your products will steal the spotlight. In the world of cosmetics and skincare, your packaging design isn’t just part of the equation—it’s the whole thing. So this is where ECB’s box printing and manufacturing service comes in. We offer custom packaging boxes in various shapes and sizes—from simple square boxes to die-cut round ones and everything in between—and we offer them printed with your logo or design. You can also create special effects by laminating your box with UV coatings or metalizing them with coatings that reflect light. All of this means that when you choose us, you’re choosing a team who understands not just how to design beautiful cosmetic boxes but also how to make them work for your business!

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Custom Makeup Boxes Printing & Manufacturing Service

Your makeup will not find its way into the world looking half-heartedly packaged. You’re going to want to make sure that your makeup looks just as good as you do. And that’s where we come in—we create custom makeup boxes!

Makeup packaging is more than just a box or a jar. It’s part of the product’s allure—it gives people, especially women and girls, an idea of what they can expect from wearing that particular brand of lipstick or eyeliner. And if you’re looking for an attractive container, you want something with impact! 

The first thing people see when they consider purchasing your product is the package. They start their relationship with your brand by opening up a box and seeing how it looks. That’s right—the package is the first impression for your customer, so it has to be beautiful.

And that brings us back around to YOU and YOUR PACKAGE. Because what if your customers are so mesmerized by the gorgeous liner designs or beautiful colors on display in your makeup box that they oversee the competitor’s products and buy yours? Indeed, a win-win situation for your cosmetics business.

That’s why we offer custom makeup box printing and manufacturing services. Your business needs beautiful and customizable packaging, whether it’s a complex design or a simple color change. With our help, you’ll be able to create the perfect package for your cosmetic line.

Custom Makeup Packaging Boxes by ECB: What To Expect?

It’s no secret that cosmetics packaging is a big deal.

And if you’re running a business—like, say, a cosmetics company—you need to make sure that your makeup boxes are top-notch. That’s where ECB comes in. We can help you design the perfect boxes to display your cosmetics and help them sell.

Bespoke cardboard boxes are essential to the aesthetic of your cosmetics packaging. They let you tell customers what’s inside and give them an idea of the quality they can look forward to. A great makeup box can set your brand apart from competitors and show your customers that you care about their experience.

And when it comes down to it, we just love making high-quality custom packaging boxes for all sorts of cosmetic lines. Therefore, we’re more than happy to lend our expertise and work with you on your next project!

With our innovative custom makeup box printing and manufacturing service, you can get boxes that are inexpensive, stunning, and efficient. We work with various businesses: from smaller firms just getting their start to large corporations that want to keep their branding in-house. And because we’re so flexible and accessible, we can help you design exactly the kind of boxes you need for your company.

High-Definition Printing:

We do high-quality printing on our custom makeup boxes. This is important because it’s what sets us apart from the competition. We process all of our print jobs in-house. So we can guarantee quality and consistency every time. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of printing we offer:

→ Gold foil printing looks awesome and makes your brand stand out.

→ Matte printing is excellent for creating a softer look for your company logo.

→ Glossy printing is perfect for highlighting specific areas of your logo that matter, like a tagline or the name of your product line. We also offer embossing on the custom boxes you order from us, so this is the option for you if you have a logo with an incredibly intricate design motif!

In addition, we work with all kinds of materials and printing processes, including silkscreen and UV coating. We can help with different lids and boxes that fit your needs—we’ve worked with everything from lip glosses to nail polishes.

Complete Box Customizations:

We offer complete custom cosmetics box customizations. And we’re ready to show off your logo on the boxes in any design and style you choose.

For instance:

Makeup boxes with lids are ideal for blushes. Boxes with windows allow your customers to see the colors inside at a glance, and they are suitable for eyeshadows. Boxes with handles make it easy to carry around, and they are great for lip products. You can customize them in the size and shape that works best for your business.

Our cosmetic boxes come in many colors: black, white, pink, mint green, sky blue, yellow, and red… And you can choose from a variety of materials, including cardboard or kraft paper. We can also stamp or emboss the logo onto any one of these materials using various methods.

Fast Turnaround Time:

Our custom makeup box printing services are perfect for beauty brands, salons, and anyone looking to give their products a professional boost. We print full-color designs on all of our packaging, so you can easily dazzle your customers. And we deliver super fast—so you don’t have to worry about not getting your order in time for a big launch. We’ll double-check all your artwork to make sure it’s just right for printing. And we promise on-time order delivery—or we’ll give you free shipping!

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

We don’t just print your makeup boxes—we help you create custom packaging that reflects your unique brand. We do this by printing your boxes with eco-friendly inks on eco-friendly cardboard that won’t harm the Earth. In addition to being 100% recyclable, these boxes are sturdy and won’t get crushed in transit. So you can be assured that your products will arrive in pristine condition.

Wholesale Prices & No MOQ policy:

We offer custom printing on all our boxes, which means that we’ll work with you to create the design, layout, and materials that match your needs perfectly. And when it comes to price, we’ve got that covered too—all of our boxes are offered at wholesale prices! After all, we know how much time and effort goes into your business, so we want to make sure you have a place where you can get everything you need in one spot.

We also believe that everyone should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for. That’s why we offer no minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy. This means that even if you’re just starting out and don’t need hundreds of boxes yet, you can still come to us with whatever quantity you need.

Makeup Boxes For Your Complete Cosmetic Line

You’ve got a complete cosmetic line. But you haven’t got the suitable packaging for it. That’s where we come in. We specialize in making custom makeup boxes for various products so that you get the best presentation for your brand and products. 

If you have lip glosses, then we’ve got shimmery, shiny boxes just for lip glosses. And if you’re putting together a palette of eyeshadows, we’ve got windowed boxes with clear lids that allow your customers to see the colors inside at a glance. 

We also make luxury boxes for lotions and creams, square boxes for lipsticks, round boxes for eye shadow palettes, and more. 

With our customization options and our great prices, there’s no better choice for you. 

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What are custom makeup boxes?

Custom makeup boxes are designed to fit the exact dimensions of each product you’re selling. They can be clear or opaque, and they can have windows, cut-outs, or custom designs printed on them. They are made from a sturdy material like cardboard and are designed to last for a long time. Many suppliers offer customization options so that your boxes will match your branding and overall aesthetic.

Where to order customized makeup packaging? is a family-run business that has been producing bespoke boxes and packaging solutions for years. We’ve got decades of experience getting our customers’ businesses up and running. In fact, we print packaging solutions for some of the most successful cosmetics brands in the industry.

→ ECB specializes in custom printing and crafting solutions for cosmetics businesses.

→ We take care of your entire design process from start to finish, ensuring that your products are packaged in boxes that are both attractive and professional.

→ Our printing process has a 100% success rate, which ensures that your designs will be printed exactly as you want them.

→ We produce all kinds of packages for cosmetics companies. We even offer discounted rates for bulk orders.

How to order custom makeup box printing service online?

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the design you want printed on your box, and select your style.
  3. Select the type of printing you want (off-set printing, digital printing, lamination, hot stamping) and upload your artwork if you have it. If not, we’ll create a proof for you at no extra cost!
  4. Get a free quote and samples from us, and place the order for your custom boxes.
  5. We will print and ship your custom boxes to you in just 7-10 business days!
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